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Our work is performed by professional and experienced consultants and transport analysts in Norway and Sweden. You have full control all the way – we are your advisor, but you make the decisions. That we do the job saves you a lot of time.

Expertise and proximity are two of our most important keywords. Our consultants and analysts have long experience in the transport sector and understand the reality from the perspective of freight buyers as well as the carrier’s perspective.

As independent specialists, we work analytically and purposefully with you, with a goal and to be able to give you a total solution that optimizes shipping quality and economy.

Get in touch for an informal chat about your shipping needs

Consultants in Sweden

Mikael Brandt

New consultant with broad experience from leading positions such as chief of logistics and CEO, primarily in the trade industry. Also experience from 3Pl companies.

Peter Schlager

Analyst with 14 years experience in purchasing freight services within all types of transport Worldwide.

Lennart Johnsson

Many years of experience in the transport / logistics industry with overall corporate responsibility for various units, at TopLogic since 2005.

Peter Bäckstadi

Marketing Economist and MA Logistics with 25 years of international transport experience, including 10 years at one of the world’s largest freight forwarders.

Per-Olof Altin

Has a red thread throughout their active job career. Transportation and logistics. Has previously worked in senior positions in different companies. Has a solid financial education as a basis, with specialization in logistics and material handling.

Janne Skillmo

Analyst with 18 years of experience from purchasing freight services within all types of transport types Worldwide.

Mats Andersson

Has 30 years of experience in the logistics industry. As well as a basic university education in logistics. Recently, Global Key Account Manager at one of the world’s largest logistics companies. He also has experience in terminal / warehouse management, transport analysis and quality audit.

Kjell Bergström

Wide experience in the purchasing / logistics area with a focus on transport and warehousing. Has experience from both the buyer and the selling party. Specialty: inventory, inventory optimization and warehouse location.

Get in touch for an informal chat about your shipping needs

Consultants in Norway

Peter Vodruop

More than 25 years of sales and management experience, nationally as well as internationally (Germany and the United Kingdom). Broad experience in logistics, including sales of customs and transport solutions in Norway.

Thor Ole Fongaard

20 years of experience as a consultant in sales, management and management by hire. Lead the long management experience in several industries. Has also built up own companies in import and sales.

Torgrim Koppang

Arild Foss

More than 30 years of experience in leadership in transport and logistics. Trained as a logistics economist and has worked a lot with improvement projects in logistics. Worked with industries that handle food, medicine, surface products for craft companies, terminal operations and bandage products for nursing homes and hospitals.


Lennart Johansson

Janne Skillmo

Kjell Bergström

Torgrim Koppang

Get in touch for an informal chat about your shipping needs

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